New Members

Beginners’ courses

The Windrush Bowmen annual beginners’ course commences on the second Monday in May. We accept bookings from January onwards.

Our beginners’ courses consist of 6 x 2-hour sessions and are conducted by experienced leaders.

The course includes:
Shooting technique
How to assemble and string a bow
Etiquette of archery
Types of archery

It is recommended that close-fitting clothing be worn suitable for weather conditions. Long hair should be tied back.

New Members

If you are already an experienced archer and wish to join our club, fees are £70.00 per annum for adults and £35.00 students and independent juniors. Children of adult members are £10.00 per child. Adults taking the beginners course who wish to then join the club will pay only £35 for their first years membership.

In order to join Windrush Bowmen you MUST be an experienced archer or have just completed a beginners course.

For more information, please contact us 

Alternatively, see our links page for other local archery clubs offering beginners courses.