The Windrush Free Company at Cogges Museum

The Windrush Free Company is a group of Windrush Bowmen members who share a love for medieval reenactment. In October 2014 we went to Cogges museum to give demonstrations of all things medieval to celebrate the anniversary of the battle of Agincourt, 25th October.

See what we got up to on the Windrush Free Company page

If you are interested in getting involved with reenactment, why not talk to any of the ne’er-do-wells in the video.

Progress Award Sceme

As you may know, Windrush Bowmen now has a progress award scheme where members shoot a 3-dozen arrow round at set distances to try and reach a threshold score for their bow class. The purpose of the scheme is to helpĀ archers to improve their scoring and consistency. Beginners and experienced archers alike are welcome to take part. Badges are awarded for each distance passed.

The scheme is excellently managed by Gavain Sweetman.

The scheme

Standings at the end of the 2014 outdoor season

Club Competition 29-08-14


Happy New 2014!

A Happy New Year to all Windrush members. We are looking forward to a full programme of events this year, most importantly our own one-day shoot in April. The Windrush Bowmen calendar now contains all events up to June. Please let me know if there is anything else that needs to go in.